A Product Design Challenge

Take a design challenge to solve real-world problems.

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What is it about?

We believe that digital product shapes our future and we as Product, UX & UI designers should help people to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

We were creating and improving products for different companies with different KPIs.

Now it’s time to make it for our own KPI. Improve life for humanity. Our mission is to reduce carbon footprint by 1% and we will consider it as a big win.


How it works

Step 1

Pick a Challenge

Each and every one of us is contributing to the world's greenhouse gas emissions by consuming products and services.

Products like food, devices, transportation, electricity, heating, clothes etc. has a production chain that emitting greenhouse gases.

As ordinary citizens, we cannot change how power plants are operated or transportations system works. But as consumers, we can make a conscious choice that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from day 1.

Step 2

Solve it.

Use your UX and product design skills to solve challenges.

We invited top Product Designers, Design Managers, VP’s of Design, entrepreneurs from the best tech companies to be our jury and assess your case studies.

Step 3

Submit a Case Study

Cases are expected in a form of Whiteboard challenge or any other form you come up with.

Feel free to choose the form and style of your case study. The main goal is to provide solutions that will draw the attention of the companies and help them improve products for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Step 4

Get Reward

Case studies will be published on Productdesign.tips. Companies can use your findings to improve their products and make the world more sustainable. Top cases will be rewarded.


Our Mission is to help product designers grow, find a dream job and create products that change the world.

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